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Postpartum Care

Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural healthcare that focuses on bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic postpartum care is focused on nurturing mothers in the specific ways they need to recover from the incredible transformation of pregnancy and birth. In Ayurveda the first forty-two days after birth impact the next forty-two years of a mother's life. Pregnancy, labor and early nurturing of the new baby are transformational, exhausting and can be overwhelming. This is why traditional cultures surround a new mother and infant with care and love. Providing yourself with the foundation of rest, nourishment, massage, support and care helps to replenish parents, support babies and the whole family.

As an Ayurvedic postpartum doula my support is based on the Four Pillars of Care for the postpartum period. Healing Foods and Herbs, Meditation and Breath-work, Daily Self-Nurturing, and most importantly, Rest are needed in abundance during this sacred window.


I limit the number of mamas I work with in order to give the best care possible. Packages are on a sliding scale to provide support for ALL MOTHERS IN NEED, which is all mothers. The lowest rate covers the cost of food, herbs, gas for delivery, massage oils, labor and delivery recovery bundle, educational support materials and the initial consultation. If a family can afford the higher rates, this pays my hourly rate, ongoing educational material creation and helps to support lower income families. 

The Sacred Window: First 42 Days

  • Menu planning and sourcing all ingredients organic, in season and as local as possible. 

  • Shopping and preparing fresh meals, snacks, drinks and teas for the mother. All the foods are very specific to her body’s delicate digestive system, post-birth. The menu will start out with simple nourishing foods and become more complex and diverse as her digestion (and baby's) gets stronger.

  • Daily oil massage instruction for mama and baby.

  • Weekly herbal oil massage (Abhyanga) for mother. 

  • Labor and delivery recovery support: herbal sitz bath, perineal spray, nipple salve.

  • Belly wrapping guidance and support. 

  • Breastfeeding support with teas, salves for nipple care and latching guidance. 

  • Elimination communication education and support for mother and baby. 

  • Meditation and Reiki energy healing for mother. 

  • Sample menu: bone broth or vegetable broth, congee with black sesame, kichari, golden mylk shake, Milk Maker tea, lactation cookies, steamed greens + ghee.

Maternity Meditation Class

Postpartum Care Request

If you are interested in postpartum care for you or a loved one the sooner we chat, the better. Ideally by week 35.

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