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M A S S A G E  +  R E I K I

E N E R G Y  W O R K


energy work

Reiki Energy is a gentle and safe healing practice that helps to remove any energy blocks in our systems caused by emotional, mental or physical stress. During a session the practitioner places his or her hands over the client and is a vessel for Universal Healing Energy to flow. It is a divinely guided energy that knows exactly where the blocks are and pushes them out as well as fills up the energy gas tanks wherever you are low in energy. During a session a person may feel heat, tingling or cooling sensations as blocks are removed. Most all clients get to a deep state of peace and relaxation during a session.

Reiki can help to greatly reduce alleviate chronic pain and stress which is a leading cause of disease and illnesses.

Reiki can also help provide guidance and clarity into why the illness developed in the first place. In addition, the American Cancer Society states that Reiki can help alleviate the side effects of cancer patients undergoing cancer treatments. Reiki can help relieve addictions and ease the physical withdrawals felt from chemical dependencies.

$100 for 60 minute session
$85 for Distance Reiki
$45 for Reiki after Massage session



Pregnancy is a sacred time for women. It's also a time of great physical, emotional and hormonal change. Traditional cultures have always supported women during this time for support, comfort and connection. Prenatal massage is a profound way to support yourself and your baby as you both grow. Massage focuses on moving lymph, reducing tension and pain, increases blood flow and calms the nervous system. I encourage every pregnant mother to get a massage monthly especially in the last 4-5 months of carrying. I offer massage in your own home or in my clinic for your convenience.

$120 for 60 minutes
$150 for 75 minutes
$180 for 90 minutes



These massage techniques provide relaxation, circulation and elimination of toxins. It is a traditional treatment for the nervous system, lymphatic system and elimination system. Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Oil massage techniques can be used daily and weekly to rejuvenate the body keeping the tissues and joints healthy and
improving circulation.


This treatment typically includes a sinus (Nasya) treatment and ear (karnapoorna) treatment with a facial massage.


$125 for 60 minutes
$200 for 90 minutes

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