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Ways to Nourish and Support


These companies and products support a thriving body, Mind, and Soul.

"...the mission of providing the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products to Ayurvedic practitioners." Herbs, Extracts, Ayurvedic Suppliments, and Much more. 

 "At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. " Teas, Herbs, Suppliments and more.


I'm so excited I was introduced to Protandim, the TrueScience skincare line and LifeVantage.  Protandim is groundbreaking biotechnology that is changing health from the inside out, literally.  Instead of taking a ton of supplements that might be the right combination Protandim NRF-1 & NRF-2 formulas turn on our survival cells and genes.  The skincare is amazing and has been shown to reduce skin cancer at incredible rates. I'd love to share this with you!

Dosha Assessment Quiz
Find out an approximation of your dominant constitution.  This is a great quiz that also will give you some basic guidelines to lifestyle, diet and herbs.
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