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Autumn Ayurveda Cleanse

September 22-October 5, 2019


Join from anywhere for this two week full detox and rejuvenation program. Combining traditional cleansing and healing protocols from Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbalism and modern functional Nutrition this cleanse works to support the natural release of stored toxins while enhancing digestive health, immunity and hormonal health. Autumn is the time for balancing Vata dosha by nourishing the nervous, digestive, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems with warm, easy to digest, hydrating foods and teas. Focusing on the skin, lungs and large intestine through specific foods, herbs and nourishing practices helps set the stage for stronger health and radiant energy.

This two week cleanse is broken down into a pre-cleanse week and the full cleanse week. Week one will begin the elimination of heavy, aggravating and allergenic foods as well as begin to work in a simple daily routine to support detoxification.  Nourishing, delicious and healing foods and drinks are introduced as well as batch cooking to save time and sanity.  Week two continues to incorporate healing foods and herbs while also introducing Ayurvedic and Yogic cleansing practices to support deeper detoxification. Week three, post-cleanse you will be supported with clear guides on re-introducing foods and maintaining self-care practices that fit your life.

Cleanse includes:

  • Cleanse manual full of healing recipes that are easy to follow.

  • Daily supportive e-mails with inspiration and tips as you go.

  • A 30 minute Private Consultation with me to help you reach your personal health goals. (NEW!)

  • Weekly live video classes during the first and second weeks to answer common questions and teach you some cleanse practices.

  • Membership in the PRIVATE FB group for Seasonal Cleansers to get support and ask questions during the process.

  • Introductory Ayruveda guides.

  • Dosha Quiz and Dosha Guides.

  • Access to Cleanse Kits and cleanse supplies.


$125 for the full cleanse

(Cleanse supplies and food not included)

If you are ready to feel clearer, lighter, happier and stronger then this cleanse is for you. After leading group and private cleanses every season for the last 16 years I can tell you, it works, it really does make a huge difference.

Please send any questions to janakilgore17@gmail.com

Winter Restorative Week

January 1-7th, 2019 ONLINE

One week really can make a difference. Join me for this 7 day Ayurveda cleanse focusing on restoring deep energy of OJAS, the pure essence of Kapha dosha. Using healing foods, herbs and cleansing practices to clear out stagnation and excess we will then focus on restoring vital energy and immunity. My cleansing weeks are based on over 20 years of studying traditional healing wisdom from the Americas, Western Europe, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. They are based in healthy routines, simplifying meals, restoring digestive health, journaling and yoga practices to clear old emotions and thoughts, supporting the nervous system with herbs, self care and building a strong foundation for our bodies natural healing to occur. This is a profound week of restoring and healing that I've been practicing for decades.


  • Call to kick off the Cleanse

  • Full e-book Cleanse Manual

  • Cleanse recipes

  • Herbs to support cleansing

  • Cleanse support practices

  • Meditations, Yoga practices and Mindfulness practices

  • Daily e-mail support

  • Personalized cleanse support

  • Distant Reiki Sessions for Restoration

Cost:$77 for one week cleanse

Please send any questions to janakilgore17@gmail.com