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Ayurveda Foundations 30 Hour Immersion


September 29 - November 5

$510 - $750




Are you interested in learning the basics of Ayurveda?  Have you been practicing or even teaching Yoga for a while and are looking to deepen your practice as well as your self-care regimen?  In this intensive you will learn Ayurvedic philosophy, physiology, lifestyle, and basic nutrition. Elemental theory, tridosha and triguna theory will be taught as well as subtle anatomy, agni and digestion.  You will learn how to design daily routines, yoga practices, meditation, breathwork and seasonal routines for yourselves, family and students.


This 30 hour intensive will offer

  • Lecture

  • Discussion and small group work

  • Reading and homework between sessions

  • Implementing guidelines and self-care practices


This intensive will take an in-depth look at

  • Knowledge of the basic perspectives on health and disease from yoga and Ayurveda relevant to the practice of yoga and yoga therapy

  • Using elemental theory, dosha theory and triguna theory to align with rhythms of day/night, seasons and phases of life

  • The Ayurvedic view of creating and maintaining healthy mind, body and spirit with balanced doshas, agni, tissues and elimination channels

  • The basics of Ayurveda Nutrition, eating and practicing for your constitution and self-awareness and self-care practices



  • Friday | September 29

  • Saturday | September 30

  • Sunday | October 1

  • Friday | November 3

  • Saturday | November 4

  • Sunday | November 5



  • Fridays  |  6 – 9pm

  • Saturdays | 1:30 – 7pm

  • Sundays | 1:15 – 4:45pm




YA Breakdown

Techniques, Training, and Practice: 12
Philosophy, Ethics, Lifestyle:  12
Anatomy and Physiology: 3
Practicum: 3


We apologize, but we do not offer refunds on intensives.